About Me

This is Mirko,

I am one of the biggest luxury hotel travel influencer and I help people to start their own online business and actually monetize it by my Social Media mentorship Program

I have gained more than 10 millions followers in last 24 months and, more importantly, I have built a 6 figures business while travelling the World using the hidden power of Instagram​

But it was not always like that…

I was a manager in the biggest consulting firm of the world: Accenture, Milan

Cool right? Not for me: every day I had to wake up and go to office and spend the time in never ending meetings with customers and colleagues. After that, when I was a bit lucky, I used to manage to take a sandwich at the Bank canteen and then back to work till 10 or 11 pm

Despite I was working more than 12 hours per day,I was earning less than $2k per month

In Milan, this salary barely allows you to have a decent life. Work/life balance was extremely poor
My personal life was inexistent

I felt like in jail!

The thing that literally saved my life is that I was always reading: 3 years ago, I came across a sentence that really changed my life: 

“Start building your dreams, otherwise someone will hire you to help building theirs (Tony Gaskins)”

This sentence was a total breakthrough in my life. In that exact moment that I read this sentence something clicked in me.

I had to do something to change my life

Some days later, maybe by chance, or maybe by destiny, I saw a post on Facebook of a young Influencer that was earning about $120 per post on his Instagram page

This really shocked me: how a 16 year old guy can actually earn so much with only one post

From that moment on, Instagram became my obsession. I was studying and observing all growth strategies day and night

I don’t know where I was going, but I knew that I was in the right direction

After 3 months, I got my first client: a restaurant in Milan (who still is my client). I took those money and reinvested to grow pages: in 6 months I had about 100.000 followers in 4 pages. That was a huge number for me at that time, but still no ad sold

I needed to have at least 50k followers per page to sell the first ad

And I remember I was struggling to find clients: checking all influencers, writing down list of advertisers, contacting them to sell the first $10 shoutout

And, yes! I finally got my first client!

It was a bracelet brand. I got $30 from that shoutout. Despite what can be to you such a small amount of money,

I felt like I’m in heaven!

I finally reached my goal of selling the first adv on Instagram. But those $30 clearly didn’t pay the bills, neither allow me to quit my full time job in Accenture.

This is why I went deeper and I really started to understand Monetization techniques. This literally got me 2 years of study, but at the end I did it

I quit my 9 to 5 job!

I have become a professional Luxury hotel influencers and in the last 24 months I visited best hotels of the world in Bali, Dubai, Maldives, Phuket, Mykonos, Ibiza, St. Tropez, Kiev, Barcellona, Praguem, Bangkok , Phuket, Koh Samui, PhiPhi Island, and Singapore

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