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Hotel de La Ville Rome: Experiencing Elegance and Luxury

Updated: Sep 21, 2023


As a passionate luxury travel influencer, I recently had the privilege of visiting the captivating city of Rome during the vibrant month of August.

My stay at the esteemed Hotel de La Ville proved to be an experience that exceeded all expectations.

Hotel de la Ville, the Rocco Forte Hotel’s address on the iconic street Via Sistina overlooking Piazza di Spagna and Trinità dei Monti, is the ideal starting point for discovering Rome by foot. Located in the beating heart of the Eternal City at the gates of the splendid Villa Borghese gardens, it’s only a few steps from some of the most important monuments and finest addresses for shopping.


Rocco Forte Hotels is a prestigious and renowned luxury hotel collection founded by Sir Rocco Forte and his sister, Olga Polizzi. With a legacy spanning over two decades, the brand has become synonymous with unparalleled luxury, impeccable service, and a deep commitment to providing guests with extraordinary experiences.

Rocco Forte Hotels boasts a carefully curated portfolio of distinctive properties located in some of the world's most iconic cities and cultural centers. From Rome to London, from St. Petersburg to Sicily, each hotel is strategically situated to offer guests an immersive experience of the destination's rich history, art, and culture.

One of the defining features of Rocco Forte Hotels is their commitment to maintaining the authenticity of each property while infusing them with a unique blend of contemporary design and classic elegance. The interiors of these hotels often reflect the local heritage, incorporating elements that pay homage to the surrounding culture. This approach ensures that guests are not only enjoying luxurious accommodations but are also immersed in the true essence of the location.

Rocco Forte Hotels are home to a variety of exceptional dining establishments that celebrate the art of gastronomy. Each restaurant is helmed by talented chefs who craft exquisite menus using the finest local and seasonal ingredients. Whether indulging in Italian cuisine in Rome, savoring modern British fare in London, or experiencing Sicilian flavors in Palermo, guests can expect a culinary journey that tantalizes the taste buds and captures the essence of the region.

Wellness and relaxation are integral to the Rocco Forte experience. Many of the hotels feature luxurious spa facilities where guests can unwind, rejuvenate, and pamper themselves with an array of indulgent treatments. These wellness centers are designed to provide a sanctuary of tranquility, offering a holistic approach to well-being that complements the lavish accommodations. At the heart of Rocco Forte Hotels is an unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional service. The dedicated staff members are known for their attentiveness, ensuring that each guest's needs and preferences are met with precision. This personalized approach creates a sense of warmth and familiarity that distinguishes the Rocco Forte experience. Rocco Forte Hotels takes its responsibility to the environment and local communities seriously. The brand actively engages in sustainable practices to minimize its ecological footprint and contribute positively to the destinations it operates in. From reducing waste to supporting local artisans and producers, Rocco Forte Hotels is dedicated to making a meaningful impact.

In conclusion, Rocco Forte Hotels stands as a beacon of luxury, elegance, and authenticity in the world of hospitality. With its exceptional properties, commitment to preserving culture, and dedication to providing unforgettable experiences, Rocco Forte Hotels continues to redefine luxury travel for the discerning global explorer. Whether you seek a romantic retreat, a cultural adventure, or a wellness getaway, the brand's properties offer a gateway to a world of opulence and refinement.


Rome has always been one of the most interesting and beautiful European capitals; a timeless city with contemporary verve that plays host to unmissable events and experiences. Many of the richest cultural treasures in the city are just a short walk from the hotel, like the Scuderie del Quirinale and the Gagosian contemporary art gallery. From the winding streets of the city centre, guests can stroll along the Lungotevere to reach the celebrated MAXXI Museum designed by Zaha Hadid; or head for the historic heart of the city just past Piazza Navona to the renowned Palazzo Braschi.

Here my top 5 pics to do in Rome:

  1. The Colosseum: Stepping into Ancient Grandeur: A visit to Rome isn't complete without standing before the majestic Colosseum. This iconic amphitheater, once the stage for gladiatorial contests and grand spectacles, stands as a symbol of Roman engineering and grandeur. As you wander through its arches and corridors, you can almost hear echoes of ancient cheers and feel the weight of history in its stones. The Colosseum is a window into Rome's past, a place where imagination meets reality.

  2. Roma by night: traveling in style | Rome by night has an allure all its own, magically illuminated by lights that reflect and dance off of the Tevere river. Hop in a vintage car while a driver takes you on a sunset tour of the city’s main monuments, piazzas, fountains and façades. The itinerary starts on Via della Concilazione, passing by Saint Peter’s Basilica before stopping at Piazzale Garibaldi for an extraordinary view over the city. The ride carries on towards the Magistral Villa of Malta on the Aventino hillside for a peek into the famous “buco della serratura” keyhole that offers a breath-taking view of the Basilica. Next up, the Colosseum and Quirinale with their unmistakeable architectural outlines radiating against the dark night sky.

  3. The secrets of the Sistine Chapel | A unique, private experience accompanied by an expert to discover the masterpieces of this famous part of the Vatican Museum boasting Michelangelo’s extraordinary frescoes, the Gallery of the Candelabras, delicate tapestries, maps and the Raphael Rooms. The tour is built to appreciate the very intuition of the popes and artistic masters, together with their history and treasures, that have shaped the history of this sacred place. Allow yourself to be taken away by having the grandeur of the Chapel all to yourself in the silence of the morning.

  4. On the road to the Papal residence | A guided tour dedicated to discovering the residence in the eponymous town of Castel Gandolfo, retracing its history. Built by the Roman emperor Domitian in the 1st century AD, the space was used for centuries as an imperial palace. In the Middle Ages it became a castle and subsequently a summer retreat for the pope, given the exceptional beauty of its interiors, lush gardens on the cliffs and the enviable position overlooking Lake Albano, of volcanic origin. After a visit around the estate, the tour continues towards the picturesque Barberini Gardens which include the Rose Garden, the Sacred Oak Square, the Belvedere Garden and the Viale del Ninfeo. Along the way, guests are encouraged to admire the ruins of the imperial theatre and the cryptoporticus of the Emperor Domitian’s Palace, while breathing in the intoxicating scent of botanical plants once cultivated for the Popes. This multisensory experience is utterly unique.

  5. Secret places: Rome behind the scenes |Beyond splendid monuments, celebrated buildings and iconic works of art, the Capital also boasts numerous cultural attractions that are often overlooked but fascinating, nonetheless. Magnificent structures like the celebrated Opera Theatre, the private apartments of Princess Isabelle at the Colonna Gallery and the antique Roman library are all potential stops on this tour, which can be tailored to the interests of the guest. The perfect way to admire opulent furnishings, particular works of art and volumes of inestimable historical value.

  6. Contemporary art | The National Gallery and MAXXI, must-see destinations for contemporary art lovers, represent a unicum of Rome. With a private visit, guests are granted access ‘behind the scenes’ to discover the studios and galleries of selected artists currently in residence, receiving a precious glimpse into their creative process. After the tour, take solace in one of the gorgeous gardens of Villa Medici or the American Academy.

  7. Roman futurism | The artistically avant-garde era of the ‘20s and ‘30s as told by a renowned architect, in this tour built to discover Futurism and Pittura Metafisica (Metaphysical Art movement). Immersed in the unique beauty of the EUR neighbourhood – a residential and business district in Rome originally designed as the site for the 1942 World’s Fair – you can awe at buildings inspired by antique Rome but built in rationalist style. The home of Giorgio de Chirico, the so-called inventor of metaphysics, is today a museum hosting one of the most fascinating collections of paintings depicting his artistic voyage, from his first pastiche to his most innovative metaphysical works. Afterwards, the itinerary provides a visit to a private roman house to admire Chirico’s incredible furnishings, custom designed by famous 1920s architect Vittorio Ballio Morpurgo. Nearly a century later, this exclusive example of custom interior design serves as testimony to an entire artistic movement of the time. To wrap up the excursion, pop-up dinners can be arranged in advance in this futurist villa with a menu set by the artistic tone.

What we liked most

What struck me most about Hotel de La Ville was its impeccable attention to detail.

Immagine that when I arrived there, they open the door of my taxi, and they already know my name.

Overall, the hotel's commitment to delivering a personalized experience was evident in every corner. From the warm and professional staff to the breathtaking views of the Eternal City from the rooftop terrace, this establishment truly embodied the spirit of Rome. The sense of being surrounded by history, art, and culture while enjoying contemporary comforts was a highlight that left a lasting impression.

Here are the top three things you must experience during your stay at Hotel de La Ville in Rome:

  1. Rooftop Bliss at Cielo Restaurant: Indulge in a dining experience like no other at Cielo, the hotel's rooftop restaurant. Perched high above the bustling streets of Rome, this exquisite dining venue offers not only delectable cuisine but also an awe-inspiring panoramic view of the city's iconic landmarks. As the sun sets and the city lights begin to twinkle, you'll be treated to a visual feast that perfectly complements the culinary delights. Whether it's a romantic dinner for two or a special celebration with friends, Cielo promises a truly memorable and Instagram-worthy experience.

  2. Pampering at Irene Forte Spa: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city and embark on a journey of relaxation and rejuvenation at the De La Ville Spa. This serene oasis offers a range of luxurious treatments and wellness rituals designed to soothe your senses and revitalize your body and mind. From invigorating massages to soothing facials, the skilled therapists will ensure that you experience the ultimate in pampering. The elegant and calming ambiance of the spa provides the perfect backdrop for unwinding and embracing tranquility during your stay.

  3. Cocktail Magic at Julep Herbal & Vermouth Bar: Don't miss the chance to explore the Julep Herbal & Vermouth Bar, a hidden gem within the hotel that specializes in crafting artisanal cocktails. Step into a world where mixology meets history as you indulge in expertly crafted drinks that pay homage to Rome's rich heritage. The cozy and intimate atmosphere of the bar provides a perfect setting for a pre-dinner aperitif or a nightcap after a day of sightseeing. Whether you're a cocktail aficionado or simply looking to discover new flavors, the Julep Bar promises an enchanting and memorable evening.

These three experiences are just a glimpse of the luxurious offerings that await you at Hotel de La Ville in Rome. From culinary delights with breathtaking views to serene spa treatments and bespoke cocktails, your stay here will be an unforgettable journey of indulgence and discovery.

Rooms and Suites

Hotel de la Ville has 104 spacious and elegant rooms and suites that boast outstanding views of the Eternal City. The fil rouge uniting these 89 rooms and 15 suites is an unmistakable balance between original furnishings elevated by more contemporary touches. Lavish fabrics inspired by the Grand Tour epoch combine with a collection of vintage items and unique memorabilia collected during that time. Maximal comfort is found in every Super King or King-Size bed (convertible to single beds, if need be) while the refined bathrooms are carved out of Italian marble and lined with products from the Irene Forte Skincare line made from indigenous Sicilian plant extractions. Views over the Roman skyline or the inner courtyard complete each room, all of which are equipped with a smart TV, free WiFi and safe, universal charging station with USB outlets, tea and coffee sets, in-room bar, 24-hour room service and an extraordinary concierge. Personalize your stay with a transfer service, an early check-in or a late checkout.

  • Superior Room - 28 mq | Looking over Via Sistina or the inner courtyard, the Superior Rooms are an exceptional refuge for relaxing and feeling at ease thanks to an elegant mix of classic and contemporary accents. Combine two Superior rooms for the possibility to host up to four people in a Family room.

  • Premium Room - 30 mq | The Premium Rooms combine a comfortable living area with an elegant bedroom. Rich textiles and a studied collection of contemporary furnishings set the tone. Some rooms boast a double sink adding a luxurious touch, while others offer idyllic views of the internal courtyard of the hotel or the vibrant, historic Via Sistina.

  • Deluxe Room - 35 mq | | With views over Via Sistina or the tranquil inner courtyard, the spacious Deluxe Rooms are distinguishable by their contemporary design enriched by luxurious accents for an overall appeal of undisputed elegance. Several of these rooms are spread over two levels, with a refined living area on the first floor and the bedroom above on the second floor. Merge a Deluxe Room with an elegant Junior Suite for the spacious option of a Family Suite.

  • Deluxe Panoramic View Room - 35 mq | Spacious, bright, and decorated with precious textiles and a prudent collection of art, each of the Deluxe Panoramic View Rooms boasts a private terrace basking in the Roman sun with incomparable panoramic views over the Eternal City.

  • Junior Suite - 48 mq | Mirroring the very elegance that distinguishes the Eternal City, the Junior Suites enjoy a mix of contemporary design, antique accents and original artistic touches. Available with views over Via Sistina or the peaceful internal courtyard, the Junior Suites are ideal for relaxing in serene sophistication. Adjointable with a Deluxe Room for the spacious option of a Family Suite.

  • Duplex Junior Suite - da 50 a 60 mq | The Duplex Junior Suites, with wide windows opening onto the vibrant Via Sistina, are inspired by the artistic patrimony and glamorous style of Rome. Contemporary furnishings alongside splendid artwork combine for an aura of elegant sophistication. Spacious and welcoming, these suites are composed over two levels, with a refined living area on the first floor and an elegant bedroom up the stairs on the second floor.

  • Grand Junior Suite with Terrace - 55 mq | Opening the doors of one of the Grand Junior Suites with a terrace, you are immediately enveloped by the luxurious design of the living room and bedroom, enriched with precious textiles and contemporary accents. Outside, in the privacy of your own terrace or balcony, take in the Roman sun while enjoying a peaceful perspective of the elegant inner courtyard.

  • Executive Suite - 58 mq | Spacious in dimension and sophisticated in style, the Executive Suites perfectly embrace the exquisite, refined lifestyle of Italy’s capital. Luxuriously large, these suites feature a magnificently decorated living room with precious textiles and a beautiful collection of art, a separate bedroom and a bathroom with the ultimate amenity: a huge bathtub and separate shower. The Executive Suites can be joined with several other rooms to become an apartment with two bedrooms, each endowed with a comfortable pull-out sofa capable of hosting another guest.

  • Grand Suite with Terrace - 60 mq |The Grand Suites with a terrace live up to their name, offering contemporary comfort and unparalleled elegance. The ample, refined interior is home to splendid works of art and elements of contemporary design juxtaposed by antique pieces. Opulent accents and precious textiles offset the predominantly delicate tones of the rooms, basking them in an aura of utter tranquillity. A glamorous living room with a private bar leads to a terrace or balcony looking over the inner courtyard, making these suites ideal for entertaining. Marble bathrooms with double sinks, a deep bathtub and private shower provide an added touch of decadence.


Canova Suite - living area 56mq, external area 70mq| Loyal to its name, this suite masterfully blends the excellence of art with a lavish style for an overall impression of absolute elegance. The fully furnished external terrace offers unforgettable views over Rome, while the living area and bedroom both contain a precious collection of artworks and one-of-a-kind pieces. Across the walk-in closet you reach the bathroom, decorated entirely in marble and defining the perfect place for relaxation thanks to an array of products from the Irene Forte Skincare line.

Roma Suite - living area 82mq, external area 100 mq | Decorated with a unique combination of both contemporary and vintage pieces that add allure to elegant works of art, the Roma Suite immediately invokes classic Roman glamour. An elegant living room, spacious marble bathroom and a luxurious bedroom decked in rich textiles and complete with a Super King size double bed. The suite also has a convenient sofa bed suitable for an adult or child. Two terraces wrap around the entire suite, casting views over the entire internal courtyard, Via Sistina and the rooftops of Rome beyond.

Suite de la Ville - Internal area 103mq, external area 176mq | When the doors of the private elevator slide open revealing a living room, study and bedroom, you have arrived in the Suite de la Ville, surrounded by works of art and a refined mix of contemporary and antique pieces, classical literature and fine fabrics. With a private dining room, elegant marble master bathroom plus a guest bathroom and two private rooftop terraces, the Suite de la Ville is ideal for hosting guests in style

Penthouse Suite - internal area 346 mq, external area 345 mq | An extraordinary ambiance that combines the three refined Forte Suites – Canova Suite, Roma Suite, and Suite de la Ville – accessible by private elevator. This larger-than-life Roman penthouse extends throughout the entire seventh and eighth floor of the hotel for a total of 691 m2 and is suitable to sleep up to 12 guests: an ideal location for family reunions or groups.

Food & drinks

The hotel’s F&B concept is supervised by Fulvio Pierangelini, Creative Director of Food for Rocco Forte Hotels. Capable of conquering even the most demanding palates, Maestro Pierangelini’s eclectic menus are found throughout the hotel.

Da Sistina | This elegant bistro facing Via Sistina, from which it bears its name, mimics a typical neighborhood trattoria in style, bringing classic elements from the local cuisine into a sophisticated and elegant atmosphere. The masterful hand of Fulvio Pierangelini accompanies guests on a true gastronomic journey, reworking elements of Roman tradition using fresh seasonal produce. Warm and welcoming all day long, Da Sistina proposes a menu rich with genuine, local ingredients and authentic recipes from contemporary Roman tradition. A tried-and-true culinary voyage through time: artichoke salad, ravioli with anchovies and grilled lamb chops evoke traditional Jewish dishes which occupy an important place in Roman cuisine. Panzanella, tortelli with fava beans and pecorino and pea soup with ricotta all celebrate elements of the notorious Roman “cucina povera” (poor man’s cooking), whereas endive, broccolini and colourful chicories are just a few examples of the huge variety of vegetables prevailing from the Roman countryside. In paying homage to Roman tradition, the Maestro couldn’t possibly leave out the classics like cacio e pepe, la gricia, and veal saltimbocca, each spun with a particular Pierangelini twist. The cacio e pepe, for example, is reimagined with tonnarelli pasta and three different cracked peppers, then topped with red shrimp. “You can change up the ingredients or the preparations, but what’s important to me is that my guests close their eyes and feel Roma,” adds the chef. This mix of classic-meets-originality is also manifested in the restaurant’s design: the checkerboard floor lined with red velvet chairs and extravagant wallpaper create an atmosphere that is refined and timeless. In the words of Pierangelini, Da Sistina is “a little gem” among the cobbled streets of Rome; a warm, welcoming place that is elegant yet informal. The ultimate spot from which to watch the world go by in true Roman style. Situated on the ground floor, the restaurant is accessible through the lobby of the Hotel or by the entrance on Via Sistina. With a capacity of 64 seated guests, Da Sistina is open every day from 8am to 11pm serving breakfast, lunch, afternoon snacks, cocktails, dinner and even late night/post-theatre.

Mosaico | A living representation of the grand history of Rome, Mosaico proposes locally inspired, seasonal dishes triumphing in tastes and flavours. Reminiscent of the layered traditions and cultures of the Roman Empire, the menu comes together with culinary touches inspired by Africa, the Middle East and Europe. The masterful chef Fulvio Pierangelini, Creative Director of Food for Rocco Forte hotels, created a menu conceptualized on the basis of sharing. Guests are accompanied on a culinary voyage that begins with local dishes like “Gnocchi al basilico” or “Spaghettoni with oven-roasted tomatoes and ricotta salata”, moving towards the exotic Lebanese “Manakeesh” accompanied by hummus and lamb tenderloin cooked in a terracotta pot. A wide array of antipasti and salads are prepared with local, seasonal ingredients, such as roasted beets with Osetra caviar and yogurt sauce, or an oriental ratatouille, or simple sides like perfectly braised peppers and French green beans in lemon sauce. Freshly baked focaccia or naan are served piping hot with either burrata and prosciutto di Parma, tuna crudo, or shaved black truffles and mortadella. Meat and fish dishes come draped in aromatic herbs and sauces, giving life to everything from oven roasted shrimp to sole glazed in ginger to tender beef accompanied by wild mushrooms and peaches. The desserts are designed to delight the palate with options like chocolate pizza with grated raspberries or a classic zabaione with an elegant twist. From creativity to innovation, simplicity always reigns and is centric to the work of Pierangelini: “It’s not what you prepare, but how you prepare it and put it together that’s important. The menu at Mosaico might not be what you’d think to find in a Roman restaurant, but it entices guests by presenting the very best from the gardens to the wood-fired ovens to the sea and the farms”. Whether eating in the beautiful inner courtyard or the welcoming dining room with an open-air kitchen, guests will be captured by the unique atmosphere of the restaurant. At the centre of the kitchen stands a bright red oven that is both symbolic and functional, while the brass tabletops reflect a chic, soft lighting, providing stark contrast to the black and white floor in what Pierangelini calls, “a fascinating and surprising restaurant space.” Searching for the perfect pairing? The wine list has a plethora of choices from the most sought-after wine regions of the world. Mosaico is on the second floor of the Hotel with entrances from the inner courtyard or from the banquet area. Open every evening from 7:30 until 11pm, it has 65 seats inside and can welcome another 75 guests on the courtyard en plein air when weather permits.

Julep Herbal & Vermouth Bar | The exceptionally designed cocktail bar proposes both classic cocktails and creative infusions inspired by the XIII century’s “Spice Route”, a historic trade route that departed from Venice passing through the entire European continent to reach the East. Situated on the second floor of the hotel, it is the perfect refuge for roughly 20 guests, open every day from 4pm until 1am.

Cielo Terrace Bar | Roman glamour at its finest is found at this rooftop bar, located on the sixth and seventh floors of Hotel de la Ville. Cielo Terrace Bar boasts large spaces capable of hosting up to 140 people and is one of the most magical places in the hotel to admire the fascinating skyline of the Eternal City while sipping a cocktail and nibbling on a small selection of dishes.

Services and facilities

Hotel de La Ville's commitment to providing a holistic experience extended beyond its accommodations and dining venues.

The Irene Forte Spa at Hotel de la Ville is a 550 m2 oasis in the heart of the city; a place to leave behind the chaos and hustle of daily life and dedicate time to your spiritual, emotional and physical health. The wellness proposal sees the Irene Forte Skincare line as protagonist. The line promotes unique and well-researched concepts such as applying a Mediterranean diet to the skin using select ingredients from the organic agricultural estate at Verdura Resort – Rocco Forte Hotels’ property in Sciacca, Sicily. This treatment, like all others, was entirely conceived in Italy. The profound bond with Sicily is also exalted in the decor of the spaces: natural materials, bright colours, vertical gardens and an intoxicating orange blossom fragrance. The thermal area includes a Mediterranean salt bath, sauna, steam room, ice fountain, Kneipp bath, jacuzzi, indoor pool and relax area with heated beds and infrared rays. For guests seeking treatments, 5 single cabins are available as well as a double suite with a Rasul tub, perfect for Sicilian mud baths. A 100 m2 fitness centre is open 24 hours a day, stocked with state-of-the-art Technogym equipment and a studio for Barrecorre, Pilates and Yoga lessons. Private training sessions can also be conducted in-room upon request. Looking for some fresh air? Try the Art Running or Art Cycling itineraries, an active way to sweat and see the city. Rooftop Yoga on the terrace offers panoramic views over the Eternal City; or treat your body and soul to Mindfulness and Meditation lessons. The holistic regime at the Irene Forte Spa was specifically studied for the Rocco Forte Hotel Group by Irene Forte and includes access to the Rocco Forte Nourish menus – a healthy alternative proposed by Chef Fulvio Pierangelini. Drawing from seasonal, organic and locally sourced ingredients, the nutritionally minded menus can be found at all of Hotel de la Ville’s restaurants.

For those with a penchant for staying active, the fitness center was equipped with state-of-the-art facilities, allowing guests to maintain their wellness routines even while away from home. The concierge service, with its insider knowledge of the city, ensured that every guest could explore Rome's hidden treasures and iconic landmarks with ease.

Our experience

In conclusion, my stay at Hotel de La Ville in Rome was a symphony of opulence, comfort, and discovery. From the moment I stepped into the elegant lobby to the time I reluctantly checked out, I was enveloped in a world of luxury that celebrated both the rich heritage of Rome and the modern pleasures of life. The seamless fusion of classic and contemporary, the impeccable service, and the unforgettable dining experiences all contributed to a getaway that will forever hold a special place in my heart.

If you're seeking an extraordinary retreat in the heart of Rome, a stay at Hotel de La Ville is nothing short of essential. This establishment effortlessly blends the allure of a historic city with the indulgence of a five-star haven, ensuring that your journey to the Eternal City is one of enchantment, sophistication, and absolute luxury.


Key info

Location: Via Sistina 69, 00187 - Roma , Italy


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