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Our Company


Luxintravels is one of the World’s most influential luxury travel social media community with over 2.4 million followers worldwide. We have leveraged the power of social media to create an internationally recognized travel brand active from more than 9 years.

We are the only full-service digital marketing firm that works synergistically our own luxury travel concierge to do the following:

  • Create digital media for luxury hospitality companies that is specifically designed for social media purposes.

  • Distribute the media through our distribution network of accounts with a combined following of over 60,000,000 followers.

  • Create over 15 billion digital impressions for our clients on social media platforms.

To date we have partnered and visited over 300 luxury hotels/resorts and villas, allowing us to be one of the highest experts in the field of luxury travels.

During this time, we have identified characteristics in digital media that creates maximum engagement and virality when posted on Instagram. By understanding and applying these attributes we have rapidly grown our social media following and used this skill set to create high engaging digital media for our clients.

Our Story


It all began in Catania, a bustling town in Italy, where a young Mirko La Rosa dreamt of ventures beyond the horizon. Although the world of luxury travel was alien to him then, his entrepreneurial spirit was evident early on. With aspirations larger than his hometown, he moved to Milan, the heart of Italy's business world, pursuing education and dreams at Bocconi University.


While Mirko embarked on a promising trajectory in the corporate realm, joining and quickly ascending within Accenture, it was a pivotal moment in a Milanese elevator that set him on a new course. Amidst the sea of weary faces, he felt a compelling need for more – a life less ordinary.


As social media platforms, particularly Instagram, began transforming industries, Mirko discerned an uncharted territory. Starting by promoting a friend’s restaurant, his initiatives quickly mushroomed, with digital engagements surpassing his corporate earnings. An idea blossomed, and he gathered a team in Kiev, pioneering strategies that would soon redefine luxury travel marketing.


A serendipitous encounter at Bali's Hanging Gardens sparked another epiphany. Why merely be a consumer of luxury when he could redefine its narrative? Luxintravels was born, not just as another agency but as a revolutionary movement within the luxury travel domain. From collaborations with iconic brands like Four Seasons and Raffles to discovering hidden gems worldwide, Luxintravels soon became synonymous with unparalleled luxury experiences.


Mirko La Rosa, the founder, and driving force behind Luxintravels, transformed his personal journey into a brand story. His tenacity, vision, and innate ability to harness digital mediums have made Luxintravels not just a company, but a legacy in the making.

What We Do


At Luxintravels, we have our sights firmly set on the horizon, anticipating the fusion of luxury travel and social media dynamics. Here's how we tackle today's challenges while preparing for tomorrow:


  • Experiential Storytelling: Beyond creating digital content, we craft narratives. Each luxury property has a story, and we ensure it's told in the most captivating manner. In an era where experiences matter, we focus on the unique, immersive moments your property offers.

  • Micro-Moment Marketing: In the age of dwindling attention spans, we harness the power of micro-moments. Those intimate experiences – from a personalized spa session to a surprise gourmet meal – are captured and celebrated, forging deeper connections with the audience.

  • Social Media-Inspired Design Consultation: We guide properties in tailoring spaces that resonate with the digital audience. If a particular aesthetic is trending, we ensure you're not just in on it but ahead of the curve.

  • Collaborations with Content Creators: We don’t just partner; we collaborate. By working closely with influencers and content creators, we co-design experiences that resonate both online and offline, ensuring a genuine alignment with their audience and your brand.

  • Instant Engagement: With our deep understanding of social media dynamics, we’re gearing towards facilitating real-time engagements. Imagine a follower sees a luxury suite on Instagram and can instantly check its availability!

  • User-Generated Content Curation: We leverage genuine guest experiences, turning them into compelling endorsements. When real guests share their authentic experiences, it adds a layer of trust that polished campaigns often can't.

  • Platform Mastery and Algorithm Navigation: Our team ensures that your content doesn't just get posted but gets noticed, engaging the luxury-seeking demographic effectively.

  • Transparent ROI and Feedback Loop: We bridge the gap between digital campaigns and tangible results. With clear metrics, we ensure you see the value we bring, from engagement spikes to booking upticks.

  • Proactive Digital Reputation Management: In the digital world, every comment counts. We ensure your online reputation remains untarnished, addressing feedback and queries promptly.

  • Innovation at Heart: With the future vision of possibly integrating direct bookings through social media or even delving into the realm of content creators having stakes in luxury properties, we’re always exploring the next big thing in luxury travel marketing.


At Luxintravels, we combine today's expertise with tomorrow's vision. We believe that the luxury travel industry is on the brink of its next evolution, and with our strategies, insights, and passion, we’re here to lead the charge with our partners.

Why We do


Every journey has its motivation, and for Luxintravels, it's a quest for meaning and lasting impact. Our founder, Mirko La Rosa, started with a profound passion for travel and an innate desire to redefine luxury narratives. But it quickly evolved into a vision much grander – a vision to etch an indelible mark on the luxury travel landscape.


We believe luxury travel is more than mere opulence; it's an experience, a story, a memory. It's about crafting tales of timeless elegance, unique moments, and bespoke experiences. Luxintravels isn't just about curating luxury; it's about elevating it, setting new benchmarks, and continuously pushing the envelope.


Our commitment goes beyond just showcasing the finest destinations. We want to leave a legacy. By intertwining the essence of luxury with the transformative power of digital storytelling, we envision reshaping the luxury travel world. It's about pioneering trends, defining standards, and creating a legacy that future generations of travelers and hoteliers will recognize and aspire towards.


In essence, Luxintravels isn't just a brand; it's a movement. A movement fueled by the dreams of a young man from Catania, which has now become a beacon for luxury aficionados worldwide.


We are here to inspire, to lead, and most importantly, to create a legacy that stands the test of time.

Who We Are


At Luxintravels, we're more than just a team; we're visionaries, storytellers, and world travelers bound by a shared passion. Spearheaded by our charismatic founder, Mirko La Rosa, we've journeyed from the scenic streets of Catania to the pinnacle of global luxury travel.


  • Mirko La Rosa: Our CEO and heart of Luxintravels. Mirko's dynamic journey, from humble Sicilian roots to becoming a luxury travel maven, has fueled our company's ethos. His insatiable wanderlust, combined with a sharp business acumen, guides us as we navigate the intricate world of luxury tourism.

  • Our Content creators Team: Surrounding Mirko is a handpicked team of marketing mavens, each an expert in their own right. We're explorers at heart, always chasing the next breathtaking view or undiscovered gem. Our shared experiences and diverse skills enable us to connect with a broad audience, ensuring we resonate with both the aspirational traveler and the seasoned jet-setter


We see luxury not just as a standard but as an experience. We understand the allure of the exotic and the comfort of opulence. Every post, every campaign, and every partnership is a testament to our commitment to elevating the very definition of luxury travel.

We're not just in the business of showcasing luxury; we're in the pursuit of redefining it. We blend authenticity with elegance, ensuring that every journey with Luxintravels is not just seen but felt. Our mission? To craft tales of unparalleled luxury experiences and to share them with a world eager to dream and explore.

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